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Meet Will Banowsky - 2021-03-15

As one of our finest instructors, Will Banowsky and the team employ their peerless expertise and instructional skills to make sure visitors enjoy the fun without the fear while skydiving. Having flown over 25 wind tunnels, Will is definitely no stranger to the wind. As a matter of fact, “being in the wind as much as possible” is one of the reasons he pursued a career in skydiving and since then he has found a new home in the wind. Your guess is as good as mine! Yes, Will spends a good share of his day in the wind. He is either plummeting to the earth from thousands of feet above ground level or cruising in the wind in our safe wind tunnel. Professionally, Will has accrued an impressive track record on both indoor and outdoor skydiving. Boasting over 1000 hours working in the wind tunnel and 300 jumps! He has also worked on several wind tunnels; with the Royal Caribbean sitting at the top of the list as his biggest accomplishment.

Although Will did not become a spy or an astronaut as he had wished growing up, he has made a life in wind flight and he is poised to continue to “keep improving and be in the wind as much as possible.”

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