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Meet George Papadeas - 2021-04-18

Today let’s meet George Papadeas! Instructor Growing up, George dreamed of becoming a fitness instructor. However, he has never looked back since he fell in love with windtunnel and skydiving. Today, he works as one of the expert instructors at LUXFLY. Some will say he is one of the few lucky ones living their dreams, and I agree! Prior to joining LUXFLY, George was also doing exactly what he loves in Bahrain. We are happy to have him here; expertly employing the skills and experience gathered so far to keep visitors safe and happy during their flights. George boasts a spectacular track record of over 250 skydive jumps and about 300 hours working in the windtunnel. If you do not find him halfway in the sky or flying around in the windtunnel, then he must be indulging in his other hobbies which include exercising and traveling. When it comes to life view, George strongly believes in persistence and handwork to be better. And this is reflected in the way he carries out his role. Here are a few fun facts that may interest you!

Fun Facts! ◆ What is your favorite game or sports to watch and play? Right now, it is football and handball. ◆ Where do you see yourself in five (5) years? I hope to be doing the same exact thing I am doing now. Hopefully somewhere around LUXFLY. ◆ What’s your favorite tunnel move? It has got to be a combination of flips and twists. ◆ Who is your hero? Superman!!! ◆ How do you spend your time during the lockdown? Basically playing games and exercising. A bit of reading too! ◆ Are you closely or distantly related to anyone famous? Yes! Michael Jordan. Legend! ◆ What is your proudest accomplishment? Participating in the Greek National Youth team! ◆ What is your favorite quote? Ambition I the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. ◆ What three items will you bring with you to a deserted island? Can I bring my private windtunnel? ◆ What would you sing on Karaoke night? I believe I can fly by R. Kelly