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Meet Quentin Renaudat - 2021-04-18

Meet our Team. Quentin Renaudat is a passionate skydiving instructor with a peerless track record under his belt. Since joining Luxfly in 2020, Quentin has successfully used his unique expertise and 13 years of experience to contribute to visitors’ safety and satisfaction. Together with his team, Quentin plays a crucial role in educating both first-timers and pro-flyers and guiding them through a safe flight. While Quentin didn’t become a Fighter pilot as he dreamed of growing up, he is close enough. He began his professional journey over a decade ago. Before joining Luxfly, he was already involved in skydiving and even real estate. Today, he has amassed thousands of jumps in the wind and about 2 years of tunnel time. He also boasts an exciting tunnel collection – Windoor, Airspace, Fly-in, Flyspot Katowice, and LUXFLY. As a strong believer of the quote - “choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life.” - Quentin is definitely living his dream.

Fun Facts! ◆ What’s your favorite tunnel move? Currently, I am looking forward to a powerful and fast window-washer transition followed by outface HD. ◆ What are your hobbies? I would include skydiving but I am sure you guessed that already. So, I will say scuba diving (got my level 2!), snowboarding, mountain biking, festivals, concerts, and parties with my friends. ◆ How do you spend your time during the lockdown? Mostly watching skydiving and tunnel videos. I miss the sport! ◆ Why did you become a pro-flyer? To fly as much as possible and be a part of a community with the same passion where we can share tips and experiences. ◆ Who is your hero? In real life, it is Batman. But in the skydiving world, it has to be the past Babylon team (especially Vince and Fred). They were a part of the inspiration to start skydiving professionally. ◆ Where do you see yourself in five (5) years? Still at Luxfly but with more skills. ◆ Are you closely or distantly related to anyone famous? Baptiste Welsch is famous, isn’t he? Hahaha! ◆ What three things would you take with you to a deserted island? My phone (to keep in contact with my relatives and listen to music), rig, and a boat