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The Couple Who Did it in the Sky: “It Has Been a Decade of Love And Flights” - 2021-07-12

The Couple Who Did it in the Sky: “It Has Been a Decade of Love And Flights” 10 years later, they are still flying high and creating magic together.

Steve and Magali Braff fell in love with skydiving many years ago. Little did they know that their passion was the compass drawing them to each other. What started as a shared passion for the sport (skydiving), quickly grew into a one-of-its-kind love story. Just like a page ripped out of a magical fairytale, Steve and Magali are still enjoying their Happily Ever After in the wind.

June 28th, 2021 made it exactly 10 years since we saw the first couple to ever get married in the sky; with their heads facing downwards, plummeting down to earth. Ten years ago, when Magali asked for a wedding in the sky, everyone thought it was just one of those wild dreams you can only wish for. For starters, that is a crazy idea and, worse, the weather forecast was bad that week. Magically, the sky was blue and the temperature was about 28 degrees when they woke up that very morning. It was a wedding miracle. If they needed a sign to do it, that was it!

What do you say to taking chances? I do! Thanks to their many years of experience as professional skydivers, Steve and Magali were ready to take the chance. They did all the risk assessments and necessary preparations; ran to the drop zone and called the pilot and “I was ready to jump out of the airplane in my wedding dress,” Magali said. It was magical! The breathtaking photos cannot do justice to the magic this couple created on that special day.

Ten years later… Fast forward ten years later, Steve and Magali are back in the wind to recreate the magic. With the restrictions that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, all hope of a special 10th Anniversary seemed lost. Until Steve and Magali decided to light up the sky with their magic once more. This time, Magali decided to blow up her wedding dress in their windtunnel. Yes, they both opened their second windtunnel last year - an indoor skydiving complex called LUXFLY. And no place could be more perfect to recreate the magic. Like their first flight, this was, indeed, a technical project. A lot of calculations and dress adjustments were put into place and [just like their unstoppable love affair] they were determined to pull this off once more – against all odds (and against the boisterous wind running 300km/h). Well, what is there to lose? Oh, besides the wedding dress, of course. Hahaha! This was a one-shot project. A little mistake could ruin the day. Steve and Magali knew what it would take and they were prepared for it. Thanks to their expertise, strong attention to detail, and the unwavering love between Steve and Magali, the 10th Wedding Anniversary in the wind was exceptionally magical, beyond the couple’s wildest dream. The pictures give a glimpse into the magic at the windtunnel.

A special thanks to Mike Brewer who volunteered to capture this magic.

When asked how she felt, Magali replied: “sharing these moments with my husband and celebrating our love while enjoying our passion (flying) is an accomplishment I can’t find the right words to describe.” “I still can’t believe I was able to fly and that my dress is ready to be used for our 20th Anniversary, hahaha!” She added.