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Meet Baptiste Welsch - 2022-03-22

Baptiste is LUXFLY’s lead instructor. He is responsible for all the flying related aspects. His passion for sports started from a very young age.

Yes, Baptiste has always wanted to be a sports teacher and that’s exactly what he does today.

He spends most of his time in the wind tunnel or skydiving, and has successfully flown 26 tunnels in his career. You guessed it, his hobbies are skydiving and drone FPV.

Currently, he boasts a total of 3,000 hours working in a wind tunnel and 3000 skydiving jumps. His determination and passion for skydiving won him the 2018-2019 Freefly World Championship in Australia.

Baptiste’s interest in skydiving is fostered daily by his belief: “to fly like you walk”. Herein lies his inspiration to teach and groom an adrenalin-loving generation who would love to learn to fly like they walk.

His everyday life quote is “don’t tell them how good you are, show them!” and Baptiste is no slacker when it comes to proving his expertise and worth.  


➢ What’s your favorite tunnel move? Breakers (of course!)

➢ Where do you see yourself in five years? I hope to be doing the same job with the same amount of fun!

➢ What is your favorite sport to watch and play? Snowboard and Skiing

➢ What three items would you take with you on a desert island? A bow, a knife, and my private yacht.

➢ Are you related to anyone famous? I wish!

➢ How many languages do you speak? Three! French, English, and Spanish.

➢ What would you sing at Karaoke night? Celine Dion. My stage name would be El Welscho!

➢ How do you spend your time during the lockdown? Videogames and in-door sports

➢ Who is your hero? Orelsan! He started from scratch and killed the game.