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Indoor Skydive Luxemburg Kids only
Indoor Skydive Luxemburg Kids only

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Thanks to this program, your children will be able to learn an extraordinary sport, different from anything they have ever done.

Each child will receive special attention and will be personally coached by one of our internationally recognized instructors.

In addition to improving their wind tunnel flying skills, thanks to our Luxfly Kids Academy, your children will be able to create, in pleasant conditions of camaraderie, extraordinary friendships with other Mini flyers.

They will need to practice their sense of sharing, camaraderie and patience. They will be able to use the skills practiced in the air once back on dry land. They will learn to manage a different teamwork, to lead their team in the air with the help of the coach and to achieve goals with determination and acceptance of the differences of others. Learning to fly will also give them self-confidence.

They will do it all in a good mood and excitement because flying is amazing and so satisfying.

More than a sport, flying becomes a passion and will stay in their lives forever.

Here is what the LUXFLY KIDS ACADEMY offers you:

Every ... we take care of your children for 2 hours.

The 2 hours will consist of:

  • Explanation of the session and scenario on dry land (good preparation allows you to better understand what to do once in the tunnel) Stretching and warming up Individual flight time with one of our instructors Debriefing while watching the video Access to photos and video on the LUXFLY account

Later in the year, depending on the levels, we will organize small groups so that the pupils progress even more, we call this "sharing".

When the level allows, we will organize a little "show" for parents. Of course, everyone will be welcome to come and see our Minis Flyers in action.


Tous les mardis, mercredis ou jeudis, nous prenons en charge vos enfants pour 2 heures.

Les 2 heures seront composées de :

Explication de la séance et mise en situation sur la terre ferme (une bonne préparation permet de mieux comprendre ce qu’il faut faire une fois dans le tunnel) Stretching et échauffement Temps de vol individuel avec un de nos instructeurs Debriefing en regardant la vidéo Accès aux photos et vidéo sur le compte LUXFLY

Durée ? De 17h00 à 19h00 le jeudi et de 15h30 à 17h30 le mardi et le mercredi

Plus tard dans l’année, en fonction des niveaux, nous organiserons des petits groupes afin que les élèves progressent encore plus, nous appelons cela du « sharing ».

Lorsque le niveau le permettra, nous organiserons un petit « spectacle » à l’attention des parents. Bien entendu, tout le monde sera le bienvenu pour venir voir nos Minis Flyers en action.


690,90€ par trimestre (janvier à avril 2020)


avant le 20/12/2020 :


Stages pendant les vacances scolaires:

2/11 au 6/11 de 13h à 17h Prix : 529,90€

28/12 au 30/12 de 13h à 17h Prix : 335,90€


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