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Someone with reduced mobility

LUXFLY SKYDIVE wants everyone to fly!

Our team of professional instructors will make every effort to make an unforgettable experience for your loved ones.

For LUXFLY SKYDIVE that, regardless of the physical or cognitive problems, everyone should have the opportunity to spread their wings.

More information:

Week €149.90

When someone has a physical disability and is used to encountering so many obstacles and challenges on the ground, that feeling of freedom in the air can be even sweeter. Today, it’s easier than ever to experience the joy of flying at LUXFLY!

Our offer includes:

  • Training by a professional instructor
  • Flight equipment (all material included)
  • 2 flights equivalent to 4 jumps in free fall
  • Highfly (on your last flight, you will fly with your instructor higher and at a higher speed)
  • Demonstration of the instructor
  • Flight certificate
  • Access to photos

Duration of the activity: 1h30

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