LUXFLY SKYDIVE is located on the Sterpenich / Grass site with neighbors IKEA, Decathlon, Funny Mountain, McDonalds, Extra, World House, Kirsch Butcher, Cocottes, ...


06.06.2020 Dear futur Flyers !

Good news, #LUXFLYSKYDIVE will open the doors on the 1 July 2020! Reservations are open today! Do not wait any longer and make an appointment to experience the ultimate feeling of freedom, especially after this difficult period.


MONDAY : 14h00 - 22h00, TUESDAY : 14h00 - 22h00, WEDNESDAY : 14h00 - 22h00, THURSDAY : 14h00 - 22h00, FRIDAY : 10H00 - 22h00, SATURDAY : 10H00 - 22h00, SUNDAY : 10H00 - 22h00

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