Discover the free fall

What can you expect?


When you arrive at LUXFLY SKYDIVE, you register at the "self-check in" terminals.

Introduce yourself at the time of your reservation. When you enter, you will find a collaborator ready to help you or answer your questions.

Make sure your waiver form is completed when registering.

Once your registration is complete, a member of our team will give you the information of the planning and will tell you to wait until the group is complete.


Your instructor will explain the basic positions of indoor skydiving during a group lesson.


Once you have been informed, you will receive your complete flight equipment: suit, helmet and ear plugs. Then you will be ready for takeoff.


During your session you will fly serval times, depending on the chosen pack. At the end of your flights your instructor will perform a high speed demonstration to demonstrate all the possibilities of flight and progression.


Come back as many times as you want and progress safely with our instructors.

What to wear

Casual and comfortable clothes. Lace-up and closed-toed shoes.

No need to change once on the spot, you will put your suit over your outfit.

Please remove small items such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings and hair accessories before your flight.

In addition, you should remove everything from your pockets before flying.


  • Maximum weight 120 kg
  • Pregnant women
  • People with heart problems (medical certificate)
  • People having a dislocation of the shoulder.

Your experience:

  • Upon your arrival your instructor will take care of you. He will accompany you throughout the activity

  • The instructor explains the course of the flight, the position to adopt and the safety instructions.

  • Action: you enter the tunnel and prepare for the big moment

  • Flying: The experience is rich in sensations, and the progression very fast. Depending on your chosen pack you will have several passages in the tunnel allowing you to fully enjoy your baptism.

  • After the flights, enjoy a moment with your instructor to share your feelings.

Birthdays, EVJF, EVG, going out with friends, or just want to live an exceptional and convivial moment with your friends, all the opportunities are good to realize the oldest dream: fly!

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