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Can I wear my glasses?
Yes. We have bigger glasses that go on your glasses.
Should I remove my watch and jewelry?
Yes. You must remove any objects and accessories that could move or come loose, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings and hair accessories. In addition, you should remove everything from your pockets. We have lockers made for your use, but we recommend you leave something valuable at home because we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen property.
Can I do tricks in the tunnel?
Our main concern is your security in the flight room from where flips and trics are only made by experienced flyers only. Some flyers can make turns, up and down and move forward and backward on their first flight. So be sure to ask your instructor how to improve your flying skills.
Why do I have to wear a flight suit?
Instructors are trained to grab the handles of your flight suit if you need to spot.
What should I wear?
Please wear lace-up sneakers or closed shoes. Other shoes are not suitable. Wear casual clothes, preferably trousers and a collarless shirt. You will not have to change clothes because you will put on your tracksuit over your street clothes.
How long do I have to be there?
The LUXFLY SKYDIVE experience lasts approximately 2h00 in total. This will cover your check-in time, training session, flight time and the time after your flight to remove your gear and look at photos and videos if you are interested. It is important to sign in 60 min before your reserved flight. So if you have a reservation for the flight at 14h00 you should sign in at 13h00 and will have done at 15h00.
What time should I arrive?
If you have a reservation it is important that you check in at the time of your reservation. It is important to check in 60 minutes before your reserved flight. So if you have a reservation for the flight at 14h00 you should sign in at 13h00 and will have done at 15h00.
Can I fly with my friends and family?
Absolutely! We usually drive several people at each session, so your friends and family will be part of the same flight group. However, by being a beginner, you will start by flying individually with your instructor in the flight chamber. Once you have gained more flying experience, you will be able to fly with other people of the same skill level in the tunnel. If someone has chosen to come watch, he is welcome to accompany you in your beautiful experience and can watch from the observation area and why not participate in future flights with you!
Y a-t-il des critères d'admission ?
If you are generally healthy with reasonable physical conditions, you can fly without any worries. But since we want to guarantee you the maintenance of your good health and your safety, we have mentioned some criteria that must be checked before booking. Among the exceptions mentioned earlier is the very young age. Participants must weigh less than 120 kg to prevent dangerous wind speeds and never had a dislocated shoulder
Is it difficult to breathe?
Not at all. It is as if you are passing your head through the window of the car while driving. All you will feel is the wind on your face. It's enough to breathe normally, whether through your mouth or your nose.
How long does a flight last?
The total duration of the activity is around 1h30. The total duration of a flight i, dependent on the package you choose. Each flight lasts 60 seconds and the duration of the free fall when you jump from a plane, is about 45 seconds. If you book a package containing 2 flights, you would benefit by 2 turns with an instructor for a period of 60 seconds each. Some of our packages include double flights that double the time at a reduced cost.
Is it frightening?
Yes and no. However your safety is super important here. It is always our main concern. Our unique design with its wall-to-wall air column, as well as our certified and highly qualified instructors, allow you to enjoy your flight session safely in your airspace. But not only! Your flight instructor will guide you throughout your flying experience, regardless of your level of experience. We have taken all the necessary security measures to prevent the slightest risks from which our activities remain safe!
I want to modify my reservation
Find here all the information regarding modifications:
What is the indoor skydive activity?
The indoor skydive activity, also known as Body Flight or indoor skydiving, shares a number of competitive skydiving disciplines, such as skydiving and freestyle. Generally, the athletes are happy to complete a certain number of maneuvers within the allotted time. They can compete in teams, or individually. Each performance presented will be recorded and evaluated by a panel of experts. If you are interested, our instructors can help you improve your flying skills and take you to the next level of indoor skydiving.
What is a wind tunnel?
It is quite simply, it is a machine that moves a lot of air. The vertical wind tunnel which we use at LUXFLY SKYDIVE, moves air in a vertical direction at a fairly high speed to allow a person to float and fly freely, safely in their own airspace.
Do you have questions about gift certificates?
LUXFLY SKYDIVE gift certificates and cards are completely free and expire 12 months after receipt. They can be used on the website It can be used to encode your gift card when you book online. Gift certificates cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, unless required by law.
How to access my pictures?
During your flying session, the instructor will take pictures in action and in full joy! So do not forget to smile! All pictures can be viewed immediately after your flights as they can be downloaded in various formats (digital downloads). You can also access your photos online up to 1 month after your flights. Please note that due to the movements of the flyer, we cannot guarantee a perfect picture, but we will do our best to show your joy at those times. You can also share your photos for free on Facebook and show your friends the intensity of this experience you have experienced!
What about a very large group?
Yes of course! We fly with groups of 2 to 200 people or more! Enjoy the benefits and special rates when you join your family reunion, staff, association or other large group at LUXFLY SKYDIVE. We provide you with all the details from planning to food. The more you are, the more you will be in a good mood, the more you laugh together! Hurry, invite your friends and come enjoy yourself!! But first, contact us!
Is there an opportunity to add more kids to my birthday party package?
Yes of course! The birthday parties at LUXFLY SKYDIVE are the perfect occasions to gather and celebrate together! These unforgettable experiences must be appreciated and exploited together with the love ones! We will do everything we can to ensure that all of your child's friends are present with him and that they can fly together!
How can I redeem my gift card?
All vouchers are designed to be redeemed via our online booking system. Use your voucher easily and quickly online. You first need to create an account, go to VOUCHERS and introduce your voucher code to select a date and time.
Can I complete my online waver ?
Yes. there is a special option made for online waivers after your payment is done.
What is included in my flight?
LUXFLY SKYDIVE offers you different packages, but each of them includes the briefing, the use of flightequipment, the fllytime in the tunnel, the High Fly, assistance from the instructor as well as photos and a flight certificate.
Do I have to make a reservation?
Yes. Due to the popularity of our indoor skydiving activity, some sessions are sold sell well in advance to secure your flight. The earlier you book, the more chance you have to find more places not just for yourself but also for your friends and family too!
How can I book?
To book a flight with us, simply consult our e-shop and access the booking. You must create an account to be able to choose your date and time.
How much does it cost?
Our basic package for the first time is only 69,90€. At LUXFLY SKYDIVE, the cost of our flight packages varies according to the number of flights and for some group package to the amount of participants. You can find the package that suits you by using our booking tool. (kids - beginners - groupoffers). We offer a variety of attractive options for you to find what you are looking for.
How old do you have to be to fly at LUXFLY?
Participants can fly from the age of 4 and there is no upper age limit. Children under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the waiver.
Why is it so expensive ? I find cheaper formulas on the internet
Indoor skydiving is much cheaper than a real skydive. It is a huge installation needed to generate enough wind that is powerful enough to make you fly. LUXFLY is committed to quality and safety, you will notice this from the moment you enter the premises the setting is pleasant so that one can immediately feel at ease, everyone is welcome to come and watch the flights for hours. You will quickly notice that we are the highest wind tunnel in europe and that the interational instructors are really at the world top in terms of flying skills and yes it is with this world top that you will fly. So you are in the best hands, in terms of safety and experience. In terms of formulas, LUXFLY is the only wind tunnel that offers a full experience this means that normally the highfly is a paying option that can vary between 20 euros et 40 euros, as well as the photos (between 5 and 15 euros) Here at LUXFLY this is included in all our formulas. So it is very important that you always check and compare all options. But price quality is the best at LUXFLY. But the value for money is the best at LUXFLY. We let you discover and we are available if you are not satisfied with the experience/service/quality/price:
Validity date of the voucher of my flytime
The validity period of the baptisms is always 12 months (not for promotions) It is possible to consult these validity dates on our website, by connecting to your account, and enter your code here : I have several codes ? Enter code by code and choose each time the same day and time for your flight. If there is no more availability in the chosen time slot, take the one right after, we assure you that we will put you together at the same flight time. I want to use a gift card and add a person without a gift card. Enter your code and choose a day and time, then click here and add the desired formulas and choose the same time for the flights. If the same time is no longer available, choose the next one and we will arrange it together I won't be able to use my gift certificate before its expiration date, what can I do? You have 2 options: 1. Your gift certificate is not nominative, so it can be used by someone else before the expiration date. 2. You can renew your code, before the expiration date, for a period of 3 months. Please enter your code and follow the necessary steps. You don't have access to the calendar? My voucher is no longer valid... This means that your voucher has unfortunately expired and can no longer be used. Your voucher was valid for 12 months. Please follow the steps here:
Are accompanying persons welcome?
Certainly, we have a bar and an amphitheater, everyone is welcome to watch the flights. It is still advisable to carry out the activity together in order to have extra fun and unforgettable moments.
I made the reservation in my name but it's a surprise, will the person be able to register on site?
No problem the purchase is always made in your own name, the person who will fly will be able to register once on the spot.
I have a reservation and I would like to add a person, can we do the activity together?
No problem, make a new reservation and choose the same hour (if not available choose the next hour)
Is it possible to pay on the spot, is it necessary to reserve in advance?
We can never guarantee that you will be able to make a flight without a reservation, hence reservations are required only through our website.
I can download my photos and videos
Please enter your reservation code on this website then you will have access to media.