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Meet Lane Paquin - 2021-05-04

Meet Our Team – Lane V. Paquin Skydiving is all about fun and passion and that is exactly what Lane brings to life at LUXFLY. If you are looking for the person to thank for all the fun you had while flying, Lane is the one! Working hand in hand with flight instructors and other members of the team, Lane ensures you enjoy only the fun during your flight. Having flown several tunnels including some cruise ship tunnels (spending over 10,000 hours off the ground) and 3,300 skydive jumps, rest assured you are in the right hands with Lane. For someone whose favorite life quote is “Life is a garden, dig it.” I think I speak for him when I say, he is digging it! When asked why he chose to become a pro flyer, Lane replied; “to have all the fun available. I don’t want to miss out on any of the fun.”

More Fun Facts About Lane!