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Flying in the windtunnel - Enjoy the fun without the fear! - 2022-08-04

Ever thought of flying like one of the birds up in the sky? We all had such dreams while we were growing up. Flying weightless in the air, enjoying the cool wind passing by as we float in the air. It was a very far-fetched dream. One that can only be achieved when you fall from a plane.

The thought of jumping out of an airplane is enough to scare the devil out of you. Oh well, there goes the dream.

Not so fast! What if I told you there is a way around it. Yes, you get to participate in the exhilarating exercise and enjoy the fun without the fear.


It’s simple! An indoor skydive. You read right. With an indoor skydive, you get to fall freely and float weightlessly in the air without plummeting 4 km to the earth. There is no plane involved nor a parachute. It is just you and the wind, floating in a controlled tunnel. Exciting right? That’s what I thought.

###How Does it Work?

Indoor skydiving is a little different from the conventional skydiving. Although they both operate the same mechanism, it takes away all the fear of skydiving, leaving you with just the fun, you just enjoy your airspace.

Indoor skydiving involves flying against a strong steam of air in a vertical wind tunnel. It is totally safe and does not require a plane or parachute. The wind tunnel is designed with a state-of-the-art technology that produces a great amount of wind. It is equipped with gigantic fans that help push the wind through the vertical chamber. So, you are basically floating in the air. Nothing else. Totally safe and fun!

###Preparing for Your First Flight

There is absolutely nothing special in this section. My first flight, I was overwhelmed. I was both happy and scared. I didn’t want to do anything wrong. I thought there were some things I needed to get right to ensure safety in the tunnel. Turns out, indoor skydiving is as simple as A B C. You do not need any special clothing, test, or prep. Eat as you would normally eat, dress properly and that’s it. No hard and fast rules. But no alcohol. You can’t fly under the influence of alcohol.

###Flying for the First time – The Fun Without the Fear

Flying for the first time is both fun and daunting. You have experienced nothing like this before. You are stuck between fulfilling a life-long dream and the fear of trying out something new. Well, as one who has been skydiving for several years now, I want to assure you that it is both fun and safe. Once you get up there, it is pretty easy. You just have to maintain a good body balance and learn some hand communication. We have professionals who will teach you everything you need to know about the sport and prepare you for your first flight. They also stick with you in the wind tunnel to ensure utmost safety while you fly. So, you have nothing to worry about.

The feeling of flying in a wind tunnel is not one anyone can explain. Trust me. There is nothing I would use to compare it. It is simply out of this world. You will have to experience it to know exactly how it feels. Think of superheroes. That’s the feeling you get in the tunnel.

The experience is one you wouldn’t want to miss. The rush of adrenaline and the feeling of being weightless is definitely something to kill for if you are a fun and adventure-loving person. You don’t want to miss this experience.

###Safety Measures

Despite being a completely safe sport, we also follow some safety measures to ensure utmost safety in the tunnel. Before each flight, you are treated to some short lectures about the technology and safety measures. You also get to watch others fly to get an idea of what to do while you are in there. Watching others fly can help boost your confidence, as you get to see how safe and effortless it is to fly in a wind tunnel.

After the briefing, you are made to put on some safety gears such as the flying suit, ear plug, helmets, and googles. These will help protect every part of your body from the fierce wind in the tunnel.

Furthermore, there is always an instructor in the tunnel with you. We do not allow people fly by themselves. Even though it is safer than riding a bike, we still make instructors available at all times. The instructor will be there to help you adjust your body position so you can enjoy the exhilarating experience to the fullest.

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