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Women's World Record - 2022-12-01

Magali Braff is a true skydiving star, and she's also easily recognizable in the sky thanks to her signature pink jumpsuit, the brandmark of her company Luxfly. Magali began her skydiving journey in 2008, and since then, she has become a master of the sport. She loves to train in the windtunnel, which she considers to be the best training to perfect her body position and fly in the sky.

Magali's passion for skydiving is matched only by her love for her favorite color, pink. She is rarely seen without something pink on her, whether it's her jumpsuit, helmet, or even her gear bag. Her love for the color has become a trademark of sorts, and it's just another way that she stands out from the crowd. Magali's dedication to skydiving has earned her a reputation as one of the best in the business, and her achievements are a testament to her skill and determination. Her participation in the Women's World Record Head Down is just one example of her ability to excel in the sport, and her passion for skydiving is contagious.

In addition to her love for skydiving, Magali is also passionate about teaching others. She has worked as an instructor, sharing her knowledge and experience with others who are interested in pursuing the sport. Her enthusiasm and positivity have inspired many to take up skydiving and reach for the stars. In conclusion, Magali Braff is a skydiving superstar who is easily recognized in the sky thanks to her love for pink and the brandmark of her company Luxfly. Her dedication to the sport and her passion for teaching others make her a true inspiration to anyone who wants to pursue their dreams and reach new heights. Magali's love for skydiving is infectious, and her achievements in the sport are a testament to her skill and determination.

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