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How to learn indoor skydiving ? - 2022-07-18

How to become a proflyer ?


You can easily take your first package on, your instructor will tell you about the promo's we have on site. ###HATCH PACK or ### HUMAN FLIGHT PROGRAM are the best packs.

Ones you have your membership at LUXFLY, you will have acces to our proflyer platform on the website and you can book some time with your coach or instructors.

Did you know that you can come and fly anytime during our opening hours 7d/7d ? Need some fresh air after a busy workday? Whant to stay fit and share some quality time with your family during the weekend?

How to book your next fly session.

  1. Follow our facebook proflyer page : @luxflylovers
  2. Contact your preferred coach to set up your next flightsesion
  3. Book the time : 1. Go to the website : 2. Login or reset your password 3. Go to my account/instant booking 4. Choose 15min block and select the date and time 5. Add the name of your coach in the comment 6. Check out !
  4. Present yourself 30 min prior to your fly time for gear up and briefing
  5. Enjoy your flight.

Don’t forget: Wear long sleeves thermal legging and shirt Confortable and lightweight sneakers Bring your USB stick or hard drive - to pick up your video’s after your flight Water bottle to stay hydrate during your flying workout.

LUXFLY offer professional flying gear such as suit, helmet and earplugs. It’s possible to buy your own custom made gear, ask your instructor or send an email to for detailed advice and measurements for helmet and suit. You can contact Tina Earplugs for custom made earplugs.

Our team is always ready to help you and advice you for whatever question you may have.

Again welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay at LUXFLY !